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Sauna Safety Tips

08/26/2015 17:21
Do you plan to buy a sauna for home or commercial use?   You can buy saunas from a credible provider or have them customized for use in your gym or salon. However, you must be concerned about the safety and precautions in using this equipment.   Exposing your skin, or other people’s skin,...

Being Fit is a Way of Life

07/11/2015 05:42
  A lot of people fail in their attempts to lose weight and become physically fit. Why? Because they take shortcuts. They resort to pills and/or quick, expensive treatments.  Few have realized that it's not just about trimming the waist  and having a curvier body. Being fit is a way...

Adriana Lima Shares Diet and Fitness Secrets

07/10/2015 22:09
Victoria Secret Angel and one of the most beautiful models in the world  Adriana Lima reveals some of her secrets... It's worth considering the diet and fitness tips she does to have that killer body. After watching this video, you'll definitely grab a jumping rope and start drinking one...

10 Weight Loss Commandment You Should Not Break

07/08/2015 05:05
How many months or years have passed since you promised yourself to shed off some weight? But you failed! You still weigh like a cow. You can't buy nice clothes. You can show off your skin at the beach. It's time to take things seriously and get on the right track. Follow these 10 weight loss...

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